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Protecting yourself from frauds and scams

It could be an offer that is too good to be true, or a phishing email sent under the guise of your trusted local bank - scammers and fraudsters are very common and are becoming more and more aggressive, targeting your personal information to get access to your money. Here are 10 tips to avoid being scammed.

 If it looks like a scam, it most likely is

As we mentioned earlier, an offer that is too good to be true is probably going to bite you in the end. Although technology is vastly improving, the structure of scamming efforts is still sadly the same - it could be a new brand or product, or a new way of scamming - but the offer would still be the same.

 Money first, deal later

Be mindful when dealing with schemes that require money down. Chances are you won't get it back.

 Pressure is required

Your alarms should sound off if you are being put in pressure to make a decision. Sending out an impression that customers need to move fast to get their hands on their one-time deals is another typical scammer move

 English is poor

Check carefully the emails you are getting as these could be coming from scammers who imitated your bank's email stationary.

 Look at your statements

Carefully examine your statements and bills to check for any unusual entries, as these usually are the telltale signs that fraud is about to happen (or already is).

 Keep your computer virus-free

Always make sure that your computer is protected with the latest firewall and antivirus. Turn automatic updates on to ensure that your data bank is updated with the latest malware entries.

 Protect your privacy

Identity theft and fraud is on the rise right now, and they do it mostly on social media. Make sure that your privacy settings are set to the maximum

 Sweep your contact list

Do a regular review of your contacts and friends on your e-address books, and considering removing names that you personally do not know

 Set up PIN codes

Keep your phone and SIMs safeguarded by setting up a PIN code in case of theft or loss

 When in doubt, report

If you see any suspicious activity being done to your account, report it immediately to ActionFraud or by calling 0300 123 2040.

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