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Making your money go further

Whether you're on your way to university or are now preparing for retirement, it's always great to know the kinds of financial habits that will make your cash last longer.

Set up a budget

When it comes to starting your money-handling journey, the first step is always to set a budget for the household. This lets you monitor and see where your money is being spent, and where you can cut back.

While it is never easy to keep a budget, technology is now here to assist and give a hand. Through mobile apps, you can always monitor your budget whenever, wherever.

Budgeting also gives the opportunity to regularly check if you have additional cash left - this way, you can add that up to your savings account to earn more interest. Better if you automate it - so your leftover funds are automatically transferred by end of the month.

Maximize on cashback

Many establishments now have cashback offers for consumers, and this is definitely something that you can take advantage of. With cashback, you earn as you spend - from clothes to food, and even your utility bills.

There are also now online websites that offer cashback - such as Quidco or Top Cashback. These websites work by giving you a portion of the commission that they getif you purchase something from retailers such as Tesco and Amazon through their sites.

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