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The most common customer complaints when it comes to mobile phones

We live in a world of technology. Thirty years ago, nobody had a mobile phone and you needed to wait in line to get in the phone booth.

But now, there are over 80 million active mobile contracts in the UK alone. Furthermore, in a survey done by Ofcom, about 94% of adults are using a mobile phone.

However, the advancement of technology is not always a positive thing - even though we can track our loved ones' locations and even switching the lights on through applications, customer service is now suffering because the complaints are getting bigger and more complicated.

Among the biggest concerns of customers are the long-term lock-out contracts that they are being placed under. In a survey done by insurer Protect Your Bubble, a little under 50% of monthly mobile phone subscriptions are tied against 24-month contracts.

A long contract should not be a concern really, if the entire amount is consumable. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case.

Theft and Broken phones

Unfortunately, some phones do not last as long as the contract. In average, a handset lasts for about 15 months before it gets lost, stolen, or broken. And yet, the loss of the phone does not mean you are also free from your contract.

Mobile phone insurances are now available and are recommended to those who are buying high-end handsets, or to those who are prone to losing or damaging their phones. You don't always have to settle for the one that your provider offers - you can shop around for any better offers for your money.

When it comes to theft, you will still be tied down to your contract even if your phone is no longer with you. You can get out though, if you pay a costly cancellation fee. If you decide to stay, the network will not be replacing the phone, but will be sending a replacement SIM card so you can keep using their services.

Poor signal

Another cause of dissatisfaction among mobile phone subscribers is having to bear with poor network coverage. If you eventually transfer to a new home where the service that was once excellent is now poor, or if it just worsens overnight when you need it, is not reason enough to cancel the contract.

Long contracts

Getting a phone with your contract looks like the cost-effective way when it comes to mobile subscriptions - but it ties you down much longer than if it were just a SIM-only contract.

Since many us of can't really afford the upfront price of the new iPhone, for example - getting the phone with a plan seems to be the only way to get your hands on it. However, take note that there are several 0% offers from credit card companies that you can take advantage of, without having to be tied down to a contract longer than you need to be.

Well, if you decide to end your contract prematurely, the process isn't as difficult as it used to be. By paying the necessary fees and charges, switching providers should be simple. According to a research done by YouGov though, almost half of subscribers have never switched providers.

Overseas calls and charges

According to consumers, these are the most typical complaints that they raise to providers after enjoying time away in another country. A vacation is meant to be relaxing and not stress-inducing such as the case when a subscriber receives sky-high and unreasonably expensive bills for making a few calls and browsing the internet. As such, a rule was implemented to put a cap on the cost of mobile phone usage in Europe. However, this only covers for visits within the continent - and an Asian cruise or a North American trip could still be costly.

There are just so many horror stories - one of which was about a man who spent the holidays in the Middle East, but wanted to check online for the latest updates on Formula One. Just two hours of watching the Grand Prix cost him 14,000. In these cases, ignorance cannot be used as defence. If you used the data or the minutes, then you have to pay them.

If you are travelling overseas, know the charges that you could be slapped if you use your phone for calls and data. See if there are add-ons that you can utilize for your phones to see if you can get more while saving at the same time.

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